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Closed toe boys navy leather European sandals

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Gucio Navy

  • SKU: 55785689523
  • Narrow feet closed toe sandals for kid
    Stylish boys toe sandals with proper support.
    Heel support toe sandals for a toddler with pronation and toe protected.
    Closed toe, closed heel style with good arches
    Heel supportive best closed toe for ankle toe alignment
    High arches closed toe inside with none sweat soles.
    Toddler will never sweat in those so feet will never smell in them either.
    Soft leather closed toe model used navy with red in color.
    Good walkers for kids made in Europe with closed toe.
    Ortho toe sandals foot forming for a child
    Best for running, jumping and wearing them entire season perfect toe style.
    Closed toe style is the best for new walkers as their toe is protected.
    Orthopedic best toe for kids feet to prevent many walking problems.
    Sandals with closed toe of that caliber are proper orthopedic best to form and support kids feet.

    Perfect style for narrow feet and narrow ankles that children often have.

    Stylish boy or girl sandals with good arches

    Flat foot best support kids shoes


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    Miriam, St.Petersburg, FL 2016-05-11 20:46:13

    Total perfection for narrow feet. I never had a sandal that fit so well my son who does have rather narrow foot. Most of the shoes I got online were too loose for him on the sides. I found this store online and requested info on narrow shoes. They sent me the links and I bough 4 pairs thinking I can sent them back. All the ones I got fit so well that now I am stressed since I do not know which one to keep they are all so well made and truly narrow in width and around his ankles. Kept those -- THEY ARE WONDERFUL - and one more open t-strap shoe. That will be enough for Summer since child truly needs 2 pairs for rotation. I will be back in a Fall for sure. Very happy with this buy.