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Narrow shoes for children

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Pupil Brown

  • SKU: 13-1452
  • Narrow shoes for children
    Best for narrow feet, narrow heel that many children do have.
    They fit just perfectly and will not fly loose in the back.
    The sole of that shoe is narrow and in Europe we have many models like that - they are narrow for narrow feet.
    Brown leather casual shoes
    Closed style, lovely with side closure velcro.
    Best fit on those shoes - measured soles to perfection.
    Good arch, heel support and ankle support.
    None sweat soles - shoes would never smell in those.
    Great walking soles - not a clunky shoes at all
    We like the fit on them - perfect for narrower feet.
    Try them your child will like them a lot.
    Perfect orthopedic shoes for a child for proper feet development and good posture.
    Only quality shoes like those made in Europe will form and support your kids feet and posture.

    Flat feet support kids shoes

    Narrow feet best leather shoes for kids


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    Delphine C 2014-08-19 22:18:35

    I wanted a quality shoe school for my daughter (although those shoes be for a boy or girl) and they fit so well that I am amazed. Perfect for narrower foot. Inside great support, leather inside and out and color is dark brown - perfect for catholic school. Dressy and sporty at the same time and good support. That is what I look for in any European shoes - good leather, support and quality. Worth the price in my opinion since quality shoes last a long time and cheap one fall apart in 2-3 months.