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Naturino girl rose gold sandals with good arch

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Kesta Rose

  • SKU: 0010502702 02 0M03
  • Naturino kids sandals with good arch
    Great leather and color - rose gold and decorated with big flower.
    Best leather walking sandals for girls with good orthopedic support
    Flat foot support girls sandals with arches
    Festive silver girls leather sandals decorated with flowers.
    Proper arch and none sweat soles
    Good style for teen girl that still likes cute silver flowery style.
    Easy adjust on girls fit with double velcros.
    Orthopedic best with proper support that every child does need for proper foot development.
    Only shoes manufactured in Europe are orthopedic and provide ultimate support for growing and forming feet.
    Avoid cheap shoes from China with zero support.
    Over time they will destroy and deform kids feet.

    Flat foot support girls sandals with arches

    Rose gold sandals for kids with arches


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