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Naturino loafers for toddlers with arches

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Rokes Multi

  • SKU: 0012013091 62 1B13
  • Naturino loafers for toddlers with arches
    Weak ankles best support shoes
    Cute and dressy little loafer shoe for a boy.
    Made by Italian brand Naturino.
    Made out of multi smooth leather.
    Cool beige, navy and brown and olive color mix.
    Close with a side Velcro.
    Good arches, ankle supportive best loafers for kids.
    Proper shoes for a child made in Serbia not China.
    Ankle supportive best toddler loafers for kids with good support.

    Blue jeans leather loafers for kids

    Cute walking loafers for a child


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