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Brand: Bopi

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Navy leather sandals for boys from Europe

Navy leather shoe/sandal for boys
Special shoes for foot problems orthopedic shoes
Perfect cross between a sandal and shoe with proper support.
Child can wear them with no socks entire Summer.
Feet never sweat in those cool shoes ever.
Orthopedic arch support is build into the soles
Ankle supportive with reinforced heel support.
Made out of blue/beige/yellow leather.
Close with side velcros.
They have it all - arches, ankle support and soft soles.
Child will never sweat in those shoes ever.
They have special soles that absorb sweat from inside of the shoes.
No smelly feet in those shoes ever.
Orthopedic and top quality as they should be for every child.
You can avoid all orthopedic problems with good shoes as those.
Generations of Europeans wears such shoes only and never have deformed feet.

Special shoes for foot problems orto shoes

Orthopedic leather shoes for boys


Sani D - 21/12/2019

Wide feet best for a teen, color is great too.

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