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Ortho boots for a toddler
Will support toddler feet and prevent many orthopedic problems
Those high tops are best proper ortho shoes that every toddler should wear.
They provide ankle support, body gait support, form little feet with ortho support.
Toddler will never sweat in those shoes due to special soles
Soles absorb moisture from the foot and dissolve it when child does not wear them
Acti-fresh technology inside those boots.
Kids feet sweat more then adults so those innersoles are needed.
Europeans place only those type of boots on their children so their feet form correctly as they walking
Whole body weight is supported by shoes so if cheap shoes are worn ankles will collapse and begun to turn.
You can avoid all orthopedic problems child might have with those high tops.
Every country in Europe uses such shoes on new walking toddler and we end up with perfect feet as adults.
If there was no use for those shoes we would never pay such money for them.
They are expensive in Europe as well but very important for good foot development.
In USA pediatrician tells parent that shoes for a child does not matter.
Totally not true.
USA has business of orthodics for kids in such scale that we are shocked
We fit over 6,000 kids a season with any kind of orthodics you can imagine.
Problem is about 90% foot deformities are caused by cheap shoes with no support that are sold in USA market.
All those shoes are made in China and offer no support
Quite contrary they deform kids feet over time and then your foot doctor gladly sells you orthodics for a child.
With orthodics some improvement will be made but they never restore kids feet to proper position.
Only supportive shoes would do that, not orthodics.
This invest in kids feet when they small it is truly worth it.

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