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Ortho pediatric kids boots

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Manufacturer Kopecki

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  • SKU: 66-5689
  • Ortho pediatric kids boots
    Proper supportive with ankle support and heel support.
    Feet are aligned when child is walking and they will not bent in the back
    Heel stays in the packet at all times so that prevents lopsided heel (ankles turning inwards).
    Profiled soles inside since no flat shoes is ever produced in Europe.
    Orthopedic footwear is only made for kids of all ages.
    As a result kids from Europe have well formed feet and posture.
    Shoes are a key factor here - good shoes for a child from baby to teen size.
    When child is wearing best shoes at all times their feet, posture, body gait is formed well and no foot deformities effects are present.
    That is what every doctor in Europe recommends for every child.
    Besides no cheap shoes are even allowed for sale any credible department store or speciality store.
    Footwear that enters European market have to be orthopedic - meaning have all the fittings of supportive shoe for a child.
    European parents do not think of shoes as shoes for kids.
    They think of foot formation, posture, well developed feet.
    Ecological leather in blue with light blue stripe.
    Kids wear top quality footwear and end up with well formed feet.
    Those boots are no exception - they lined with fleece for warmth and have gortex lining present so they never leak any water or snow.
    They are light in weigh as well and perfect for everyday wear.
    Feet will not smell or sweat in them either.

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