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Orthodics for kids - only those custom made by podiatrist!

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Orthotics for Kids with Pronation – Only those made by Podiatrist!

Pronation corrective orthodics for childDid you know that orthodics that are NOT CUSTOM MADE by certified podiatrist serve absolutely NO SUPPORT or effect on your kids pronated feet? THEY WILL NOT cure, support, relive the pain of any kind since they are not hitting right bones in your child's foot to make an improvement. You will never see any foot improvement with orthodics that you buy in the store or online as they do not made for your child's feet. So our advice is - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM. Orthodics are needed in some extreme cases when child is severely pronated and they can make some benefit to his/her feet but they have to be made by specialist. Orthodics (even those made by a doctor) will not accomplish nothing if good shoes with proper ankle support, well measured, well fitted for a child are not worn. Foot needs to be supported and stabilized to fix pronation and it CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED WITH orthodics alone! Doctor made orthodics will help redistribute body weight, help with abnormal placement of foot, and make a body gait more balanced but not without good ankle supportive orthopedic shoes!

European Orthopedic Shoes - Key to Healthy Foot Restoration and Formation!

Kids Orthopedic Shoes Another important factor to mention is that good supportive, orthopedic shoes with appropriate ankle support will create instant improvement then even orthodics do on their own. Consistency of good shoes with good support (do not rotate them with local cheap shoes as you never see any improvement) over time will improve pronation then completely eliminate it. As child feet grow and good shoes are worn his/hers feet will begin to line up improve and then completely align with good posture. It is easy to fix pronation with good shoes when child is young and much harder as they get order since joints, muscles, alignment is almost complete by age 15 and feet slow and stop growing after that age. That is what all children wear in Europe - good shoes with good support and that system eliminates orthopedic problems and even a need for orthodics. Good leather ankle shoes with good arches come only from Europe as they manufactured according to European Orthopedic Standards that are highest in the world. Those orthopedic shoes are designed to ACT AS ORTHODICS and provide total comfort to kids feet, align the posture, body gait and most importantly provide optimal orthopedic support that every child does need it. No cheap shoes from China with zero support will ever achieve that as they not made with support or ankle support and often sole is oversized literally destroying kids feet. Good leather high tops or high top sandals will help and improve your kids posture and reduce or completely eliminate the excess stress on their knees and hip joints. Trust us - that works! Europeans grew up on those shoes for generations and none of them wore any kind of orthodics are children. Good shoes from a baby to teen years and you are guaranteed with well formed feet and good posture. That is a formula to follow!

Don't fall for commercial sale of orthodics, cheap shoes, rubber shoes, manufactured low grade shoes since they cause more harm for growing and forming children feet then you can even imagine!

Check out the video showing a woman with severe pronation that was caused by wearing low quality shoes as a child and this is how her feet developed. Now she is about 35-38 years old and there is no cure to restore her feet and posture. 

She constantly experiences:

severe foot pain
knee pain
ankle pain
bent posture
lower left shoulder
whole body gait shift

Now, the only solution to relive her pain are pain killers and doctor made orthodics to relive body and foot pain. There is no surgery to correct her feet or posture - that becomes permanent in adulthood. That is why it is important to take correct steps and invest in good shoes when child is small and growing.

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