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Orthodics in shoes boys ankle best shoes

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  • Orthodics in shoes for kids
    Yes, all European shoes have orthopedic support inside.
    There is no single brand that is in fact made in Europe that it is not orthopedic.
    We are talking about shoes that are MADE IN EUROPE, not China, not Vietnam, not Sri Lanka,
    Original shoes like those we describing here.
    Reason for that is how the shoe is constructed in a first place.
    How is ankle reinforced so it prevents pronation?
    How are they measured for every size?
    Are there orthopedic arches present inside?
    Does leather is processed without the use of mercury (leather from China always has traces of mercury on it)?
    Are they made according to orthopedic standards set bu European Ministry of Health?
    Accept no copies of any shoes if you want to correctly form your kids feet
    European countries are the only ones that produce proper shoes for kids.
    Production of shoes started right after the war and they got improved over the years
    Countless studies were made on effect of shoes on kids and posture in Europe.
    Also we have generations of kids who grew up on those shoes are they all have perfect feet and posture.
    So, shoes matter greatly and we Europeans position them very high on the list of immediate needs for any child.

    High arch boys shoes with high support

    Flat foot best ankle support boots kids


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    Nina, Austin TX 2016-04-15 11:36:44

    This boot look PHENOMENAL on the foot. Beautiful, beautiful and original. My son looks adorable in them. Fit is exceptional for wider foot. Beautiful leather, cut, style - made in Europe to top that off. I stumbled on that site out of luck and boom - fantastic shoes we got and pair of sneakers. I bookmarked the site and I will continue to order from them. Wonderful European made shoes.

    Leslie D from Brisbane,AU 2012-09-14 21:59:32

    Lovely and grown-up looking style for a child. My child likes to wear them now since we are in the winter season. The quality and fit of those boots is great and they look wonderful on. Easy on and off style. I got many shoes besides those (all of them super quality) sandals and I am very happy with them. Great style!