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Orthopedic baby girl sandal from Europe
Made in Europe for a child outof best pink leather
Weak ankles
supportive high top sandals
Supportive quality girl sandals to correct various orthopedic problems in children.
Best for body gait and child ankle support.
Pink/white smooth and patent leather.
with big white/pink flower.
Kids with wide/high instep feet.
High arches best fit style for a child
Ultra soft soles
with traction and best for walking, running, jumping.
Best for daily wear and your baby will never sweat in those high tops.
None sweat soles present so child will never sweat in those shoes
No blisters either since leather is processed to perfection.

Sandals guaranteed to match any outfit

Excellent orthopedic arch and antibacterial innersoles


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Tammy, Ohio 2016-06-01 21:46:46

Light pink color almost going into rose color - very pretty. Support is truly great in those shoes and my daughter walks in them truly great. I must admit. I wanted better shoes for her since locally stores sell such junk that it is impossible to find any decent shoe with actual arch inside. Very helpful store - measured the sole for me and yes, they did fit out of the box. Will be back in a Fall for new shoes.