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Orthopedic baby shoes for flat feet.
Quality unisex t-strap shoes/sandals for active baby boy or girl.
Spring super shoes made out of beige leather for a toddler.
High arches present, none sweat soles and ok to wear with no socks,
Ankle supportive for proper support and foot alignment.
Type of shoe that every child should wear for proper foot support.
Made in Europe out of quality leather processed with use no Mercury.
Shoes made in China have all traces on mercury on them
In Europe it is tested and prohibited since over time it causes cancer.
Even kids shoes sold in USA imported from China have mercury set on the leather.

Quality shoes for a toddler with weak ankles

Flat foot support best kids shoes


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L.C - Phoenix, AZ 2013-03-26 22:15:48

Great shoes for a child. Wonderful arch support in those little shoes. This is exactly what I wanted to buy for my baby that is taking first steps. Great color, design and easy to put on and off. Thank you for all the suggestions and measuring soles for me. No exchanges needed - you guys are great and I will definitely shop again.

Miko M. from Japan 2012-03-13 01:08:36

Thank you for the shoes! I just got them 2 days ago and my son truly enjoys them. They are extremely well made! I have such hard time finding any quality shoes in Japan. I used to live in Germany and I miss quality and best shoes that they sell there. I wanted to buy European shoes for my son since it is important to his feet and posture development. I also like to thank for great slippers with excellent orthopedic support. My son wears them in a local school here in Osaka and almost every parent ask me when I bought them. I have been passing your site so I hope you get more business by my referal. I also want to thank for your your superior customer service. I was not expecting 15 minutes e-mail reply! Every one of my questions was answered in detail and you had no trouble figuring out my son's size. It is a true pleasure to do business with you! I also might add that I was not expecting 10 days delivery either! I will be your frequent client. Warm Thanks, Miko M from Osaka, Japan