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Orthopedic boots for knee problems in kids

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    Orthopedic boots for knee problems in kids
    Yes, even snow boots manufactured in Europe are orthopedic
    No junk boots that are not benefiting child is every allowed.
    They form and shape their feet so quality shoes should be worn by a child at all times.
    Even snow boots have to have appropriate support to keep feet healthy and well formed.
    Those boots are ultra light in weight, orthopedic arches present, soft soles
    They are lined with waterproof membrane gortex and wool inside.
    They are great for deep snow and ultra cold weather.
    You can beat them to death literally and they still will look great.
    Durable as hell.
    Winter in Europe is long and crazy cold so this kind of boots for a child is a must.
    We sell them great in Chicago every year and kids wear them locally.
    No heavy rubber snow boots are recommended since they will shot and destroy your child's feet
    Heavy boots shifts feet inwards and child will develop pigeon toes.
    UGS - chezzz another innovation that it is not suitable for kids.
    Where is the heel support in those boots to support kids ankles?
    Where are the orthopedic arches?
    Is the sole measured for average width?
    Choose boots made in Europe not to deform kids feet as they only supportive and orthopedic ones. 

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    Nina, Colorado 2015-10-29 05:07:55

    Had this brand of boot last year but in brown color and my daughter wore them constantly since in Colorado we need a snow boot for good part of the winter. They wore the best out of all the brands I bought over the years. I only buy European made shoes as they the best for kids feet. This boot is exactly made like we had last year a bit lower in height but wool inside, quality, flexibility, sole traction is the same and I am 100% sure they will wear so well like the ones we had last year. They never soak through and that is important when my daughter walks from school. They are also super light and flexible. Soft well made boot.