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    Orthopedic leather shoes for boys with high support
    Wide width boys
    shoes for walking with good arches
    Wide toe box
    and best fit for a boy.
    Gray fashion leather shoes.
    Made in Europe out of quality leather.
    This shoe has it all - great arches, ankle support and none sweat soles.
    Proper shoes
    are required for a child.
    They form their feet, posture, body gait, ankles.
    All orthopedic problems arise from cheap none supportive shoes.
    It is so easy to deform kids feet with cheap shoes, but harder to make an improvement
    That is why in Europe we buy only quality shoes for kids as those since they important for their foot development.
    They equally expensive in Europe since labor and cost of material is high.
    However, we see those shoes as a need for a child since they correctly develop their feet.

    Wide width boys shoes for walking with good arches

    Gray leather casual shoes for boys with arches


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