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Orthopedic outdoor shoes for a child for wide feet.
Leather shoes for a boy with good arch support
Pronating ankles best shoes for a boy
Made in France out of best leather.

Arches present with best orthopedic support inside the soles.
None sweat soles present with proper heel support.
Handsome ortho shoe that child can wear them any season
They shape their feet posture and body alignment.
Shoes as those that come from Europe are only orthopedic ones since no other kind are allowed to manufacture.
Shoes form kids feet so ortho shoes as those are a must for any child.
Not just those with feet and posture problems.
If child wears loq quality shoes their feet become destroyed.
Don't think orthodics will save your kids feet
It will never happen, orthodics only create some improvement but they never restore the feet to healthy condition.

Leather shoes for a boy with good arch support

Wide foot boots for kids with extra wide feet


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Lena, Northbrook IL 2016-09-09 17:31:34

Superior and fits great. Got them in Hinsdale this week. I have been a client of that store for 8 years and thanks to those shoes my son's feet are well formed and normal. He is not pigeon toed, have collapsed ankles. When I see my friends kids feet, I literally want to scream. You have one set of feet all your life so take care of them. Europeans are not stupid by paying money for them since they all have normal feet - look around in a mall and observe people walking - they walk like zoombies and have all feet issues. It is from chinese shoes with no support worn as children.