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Orthopedic quality high tops boots child
Prada narrow feet ankle support high top boots
Designer lovely shoes for a child.
Stylish orthopedic child high top girls boots with zipper.
Ankle support high tops walking shoes for girls.
Made out purple/rose/lavender/pink mix leather.
Decorated with flower print.
Side zipper or laces.
No smelly feet in those cool high tops.
Purple rubber soles.
Superior quality boot or sneaker that just "pops" on kids feet.

Stylish orthopedic child high top girls boots with zipper

Flat foot best support shoes kids


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Beatrice from MN 2012-08-30 17:06:42

Wonderful like work of art. Excellent arch support and quality all the way - 10 stars plus. Thank you!@@@@ - I love the store and selection....

L D from Houston 2012-05-19 00:48:52

Love Agatha shoes, fantastic and worth the price you pay for them. Ordered quite few from you and they always wore so well. This charming bootie is no exception, zip, lace for decoration and fit is superb. My child finally walks straight and does not pigeon toes took about 3 years of only quality shoes and over time they did the job. Shoes do shape and mold kids feet but no local doctor has any clue about that but instead love to make money on useless orthodics. Listen to Europeans as to quality and shoes they wear. No one there "walks like a chicken" - but in USA is a quite opposite, all you see is kids and adults with deformed feet and what is worst no one makes a big deal about it. Wait till you hit your 40,50 and your feet begun to collapse and affect your back then you get it.