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Toddler girl bedroom pink slippers

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Manufacturer Bopi

Product Code: Asophie Fuchsia

  • SKU: 14568
  • Toddler girl bedroom slippers with good arches
    Cute and well made toddler bedroom slippers from France for a toddler.
    Bedroom toddler slippers for toddlers with flat feet
    Giraffe decorated toddler bedroom slippers full of charm and style.
    Lovely design that is made in France.
    Pink sponge like material lined with cotton.
    Ultra comfortable to wear with good arches toddler bedroom toddler slippers.
    Orthopedic best toddler bedroom slippers for girls with good arches.
    Ankle is supported well in them since sole over lapses the heel keeping it in a packet.
    Good arches are added to the sole of the model plus they have leather arches inside.
    Made out of pink canvas, velcro close.
    Leather arches present inside of the slipper with reinforced heel for ankle support.
    Flexible pink soles for girls with good arches.
    Quality orthopedic toddler bedroom toddler slippers with arches for a child imported from France.
    Those bedroom toddler slippers with good arches are preventive and corrective for flat feet with pigeon toes.
    Even toddler bedroom slippers with good arches as those are only produced in Europe.
    Easy on and off style with velcro close.
    Proper orthopedic house shoes for school, daycare or wear in a house. 
    Quality bedroom toddler slippers with good arches are only produced in Europe - not China.
    Those are great addition to wear in a house where child will be comfortable while her feet totally supported.
    Those slippers supplement good orthopedic shoes that child does need and should wear in a house.
    Every child in Europe wears such house shoes instead of running barefoot or with none supportive slippers.
    Only slippers coming from Europe are orthopedic and supportive since they forming and shaping kids feet.
    Please Note: soles on them run small so order size up.

    Good arch bedroom slippers

    Pink orthopedic girls slippers with support


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