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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Fiodorek Green

Orthopedic walking soft shoes for a boy

Naturino boys shoes for a toddler with good support
Great high top ankle walking boots for a child that is just sharp and handsome.
Green leather ankle high tops in one color.
Boots look great with elegant pants or dressy outfit.
Could be worn casual as well with any outfit as they universal.
To top that off boots are orthopedic with actual support.
They feature it all what good boys boots for a child should have.
Sneakers in Europe according to orthopedic standards.
Those shoes will save your child's feet from all orthopedic problems.
They also restore and correctly form kids feet.
That is why it is important to buy only best boys boots for a child as they more durable, supportive and best for child's feet.
Those boys boots are ankle high with good orthopedic arches present
None sweat soles inside so child will never have sweaty smelly feet in them ever.
Ankle high with reinforced heel to prevent pronation (they cannot be soft in the back as the ankles will collapse if they soft in the heel)
Soft rubber soles with good traction.
The velcro close on the side of the style.
Wide toe box so they fit well wide high instep feet.
Fantastic leather ankle boys boots that every child should wear.
Good durable leather made on those great boys boots.
Avoid cheap boots made in China that are commonly sold in USA.
Any rand you mention in USA is junk from China with zero support.
UGS, Merels, Keens, Converse, Nike, Stride Rite, New Balance, any brand - if China made it is a garbage.
You have to understand that China has no clue what supportive shoe even is and how to manufacture them to properly fit children's feet.
They never measure any soles, width, nor know how to process the leather and soles to make the boys boots.
The boys boots they make are oversized and they not orthopedic.
There is no production process to any boots they make. NO measurement - nothing.
That is why those kind of shoes or boots destroy kids feet and posture.
That is why kids in USA experience so many orthopedic problems as the shoes or boots they wear as such a low quality.

Quality green ankle shoes for boys

Elegant leather shoe for a boy made with a quality leather


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