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Orthopedic walking shoes for girls with high arches
Flat foot best shoes for child
Designer shoes made in Europe, absolute best.
Off white/turquoise patent great leather.
Padded back for comfort and ankle support.
Sturdy in the back will not collapse ankles, instead support them as they should.
Will not sweat them even if worn barefoot since Actifresh soles are present.
Orthopedic arches present in the soles with good support.
Type of shoe that every child should wear.
Made in Europe since we do sell none supportive shoes for children.
We do not sell shoes made in low cost countries either,
Why, they deform kids feet, so what is the point then?

Flat foot best orthopedic support for girls

Good arch slip on mary janes


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Lindsey M from Memphis 2012-05-20 14:22:30

Beautiful turquoise/silver shoes for my niece. I wanted to buy her something unique and quality for her b-day and this was a quite treat. She liked those shoes instantly and claimed they were cool (this is according to 7 years old). She wears them everyday and from what I hear this is her favorite pair.....I am a cool aunt for finding such beauties.