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Best for wide feet deep ankle toddler boots

Deep and wide ankle boots suitable for orthotic
Orthodics is a correct term but clients often that term.

Those are some top quality ankle boots deep suitable with stabilized heel,
Ankle support to align pronation.
Wide high instep best to fit orthopedic inserts given by podiatrist.
Child can wear them inside of the shoes to restore his feet.
Suitable for doctor made orthodics that could be placed inside those ankle suitable deep boots.
Child ankle suitable deep boots for a toddlers boys with ankle pronation
Even if child wears them with no orthodics they will fit perfectly as they are orthopedic ankle suitable deep boots.
They have great arch, ankle support, proper support to restore child's feet.
Correction weak ankles leather toddlers ankle suitable deet boots with visible orthopedic support.
Best for pronation, weak ankles and deformed feet in a toddlers.
Made out of blue/navy/gray leather.
Fully adjustable style for toddlers comfort.
No smell soles inside will not perspire in those toddlers ankle suitable deep boots.
When toddlers wears such ankle suitable deep ankle boots over time their feet begun to form well and whole ankles, posture takes proper shape.
Pigeon toes, flat feet, ankle pronation disappears with time in toddlers.
Just do not wear any local ankle boots with zero orthotic (orthodics) support because you never see any difference.
Whatever quality shoe aligns the feet the cheap one will destroy and deform the line up.
That is why good ankle suitable deep boots on child 24/7.
Every baby or toddlers only needs two pairs of good ankle suitable deep ankle boots a season to be worn for rotation.
Good ankle suitable deep ankle boots as those form and support kids feet and posture and they are important for foot development.
When you see toddlers pigeon toe, pronate or are flat footed they are result of wearing ankle suitable deep ankle boots with zero support that are not orthopedic.
Local ankle boots sold in USA are made in China (even USA distributors) passing made in China as European who are not orthopedic, not supportive are at fault.
Shoes manufactured in China are not orthopedic and not supporting toddlers feet in any way, all the do is deform and destroy kids feet and posture.

Correction weak ankles leather boots for kids

Wide and high instep toddler boots


Lisa - memphis tn - 15/12/2020

Handsome boot with a great support. Perfect for wide, chubby foot since my son's feet are like blocks. They go on and off easily and they are solidly made quality boots. Great support inside and fit is fabulous. Thank you for all your e-mails and quick replys to my questions. The size was correct on the first try and the shoes fitted perfectly. You guys are true pro's in fitting kids. I will be back for Spring and Summer shoes for sure since this experience was right on the time and money.

Natasha - 24/09/2020

Wonderful shoe and fit is exceptional. Quality cost money but in a long run child will have properly shaped feet. My friends say that I am crazy paying such money for a child's shoes but people in Europe do pay that much and more and have no posture problems. My child never needed any orthodics because he had good shoes from the day he learned to walk. In contrary my friends kids all have orthodics since their feet are collapsing - hmmm... I wonder who is an idiot here me or them? Regarding this style - like all the shoes that I got from this store this shoe is beautiful and well made with great support inside. You will not find such quality in any store in USA even Nordstroom since they all sell shoes made in China with no support.

Mark - Patterson, NJ - 19/01/2020

Nice boots - really nice and top notch quality. I will place more orders in a future. Thanks,

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