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Ortopedic girls high top boots

Ortopedia girls shoes high top boots
Orthopedic they are called actually but some clients call them ortopedia
Gold leather high tops for a girl with desired ortho support.
Those boots have it all - ankle support, heel support and proper profiled soles.
Best boots for foot problems in kids
Such as flat feet, pronated ankles, pigeon toes, tip toe walking
Perfect boot that is approved by European Ministry of Pediatric.
Europe is the only one that produces ortho boots for kids
There reason is that boots for kids are viewed as absolute need for a child not a fashion statement.
Kids feet are formed by type of boots they wear as babies, toddlers and later as children.
If child wears none supportive low quality boots that is 100% certain that she will develop deformed feet with conditions listed above.
That is why garbage shoes made in China are simply not allowed.
None of the reputable department stores or specialty stores would ever carry low end shoes.
No such thing.
Every children footwear producer in Europe has a requirement to make ortho boots only.
They have to follow guidelines that were set by European orthopedic society.
No European wants to pay for kids deformed feet with doctors visits orthodics so they spent money on good boots or shoes.
Same mentality applies to Serbian, Polish, German, Dutch, Norwegians, Russians, Greek, Italian, French nations so in the end we cannot be all idiots and spent great money on useless boots.
Those boots have a clear medical purpose for children and they work well under constant use.
Don't believe
any USA local pediatrician that children feet will correct on their own.
No they will not - it is not going to happen.
Pigeon toe, pronation, foot alignment problems are all cause of child wearing low quality shoes with zero support.
Every pediatrician and foot doctor will tell you that in Europe.
Europe does not have any business of orthodics, AFO, SMO, and therapy, - no such thing.
Children start with supportive shoes and finish by them time they are teenagers.
European shoes correctly form, support and align kids feet into healthy position.
They also get rid of orthopedic problems that child display due to cheap none supportive shoes.
In USA every doctor prescribes medical devices as orthodics, AFO, SMO and never recommends good supportive shoes.
It is simply done to profit from misfortune of children, they are not even taught and shown what good shoes do to kids feet and posture.
Even with medical orthodics some improvement will be made but foot will never restore to healthy condition without a use of proper boots or shoes.

Flexible tall girls ankle support boots for weak ankles

Gold leather high tops for girls


Debra - Oak Brook IL - 17/08/2019

Love them, bought them in Hinsdale the other day. This store has best shoes around and since my daughter was a baby we been buying shoes there. She is 3 years old with perfect feet and posture. We always get 2 pairs a season of good shoes as those and that is all. I do not spent a cent on any local shoes sold in USA stores. They are junk literally and destroy kids feet.

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