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Overpronation boots for kids with good arch
Yes they are since in Europe no shoes are ever produced that are not supportive or orthopedic.
Every producer of kids shoes in Europe is regulated.
Shoes for kids are viewed as a developmental product not fashion.
Over time wearing those boots child feet will begun to line up and form correctly.
Just stick with shoes made in Europe to see overpronation go away
Avoid local shoes made in China, they are junk and destroy your kids feet.
They offer no support of any kind, thus local children have so many feet problems.
Those snow boots are orthopedic as they should be.

Black/gray natural leather.
They will never leak any water and they are waterproof and snowproof
Arch support added to the sole of the model since all the shoes are produced like that in Europe

Totally waterproof and snowproof winter boots

The boots are lined with wool


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Mom - from Nebraska 2014-01-02 16:28:53

Tested in a deep snow and passed with flying colors! Wow Europeans made quality shoes, I must say. We have zero quality in USA - just cheap imports from China. We are literally forced to pay money for junk. I try to avoid all the junk from China as much as I can but it is really hard to buy any of quality. I am so glad that I have a chance to buy at least quality shoes for my kid. They are nicely made, with wool, support and totally waterproof. We should start manufacturing in USA like we used to so things will be quality and they will last forever.