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  • Pediatric house shoes for kids for double wide feet
  • Wide house shoes for a baby girl with high arch
  • Proper ortho house shoes that every child needs so their feet turn out correctly shaped.
  • No house shoes or footwear in Europe is produced not orthopedic.
  • Quality shoes for a child or nothing, since we do not have there cheap slippers from China.
  • Only quality shoes with proper orthopedic support are allowed for sale, locally produced.
  • Those house shoes are not exception, orthopedic with good arches.
  • Fuchsia canvas material and decorated with snail.
  • Orthopedic arch with support build into the innersole of the slipper. 
  • Anti sweat soles present with bet orthopedic support.
  • Good grip rubber soles with traction.

Wide house shoes for a baby girl with high arch

High arch slippers for kids


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Barbara from IL 2013-08-21 16:21:15

I have purchased several products from Kinga Shoes. I REALLY love Kornecki Slippers. They are VERY comfortable. I LOVE the arch support. They really support my little princess feet. Actually bought three pairs so far and have recommended them to several of my friends.

Nancy - US 2013-08-15 15:23:43

Love those little shoes! Perfect for chubby foot.

J.C - Portland US 2013-03-21 01:19:27

Wonderful as usual. I only buy shoes from you because where can I find better shoes in USA? Local stores in Portland sell non-supportive shoes, no arch, no support, horrible leather, kids feet smell and often give blisters. Why pay $50-$60 for that where I can buy quality shoe here for $30 more and my child wears them non-stop for 5-6 months. Yes, European shoes are expensive but my God they shape kids feet. No one seems to care in USA that we simply do not have any quality options here - not just on shoes but general products. Cheeezz - at least I can buy quality shoes for my child. I see you adding European adult shoes to the site - you will have me as a client since I dream about buying quality, affordable shoe for myself. Thanks J.C - Portland, US

Kenia D from Santa Fe 2012-07-07 17:10:48

Never had a slipper that had such arch support inside - amazing made out of leather with huge bump. That is what I wanted. Quality slippers for my child. The shoes are such horrible quality sold locally that I almost lost any hope finding good shoes for my child. I also got a pair of wonderful shoes and they superb as well. I will be back in a Fall for sure. Thank you for wonderful service.