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Terapeutic child pediatric shoes for girls

  • $90.00

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Faraona Beige

  • SKU: 55-2508
  • Pediatric terapeutic shoes for kids with feet problems.
    Doctor suggested leather boots for a child.
    Medical shoes best for a child
    to correct feet problems
    Feature high arch, anti smell soles, soft bottoms for walking
    Toddlers girls boots
    with good ankle and arch support.
    Made out of beige and pink
    natural leather.
    Decorated with a cute flowers.
    Quality leather made in Europe
    Imported from Europe with actual support
    Shoes that are not made in China for a child.

    Toddlers girls boots with good ankle and arch support

    Flat foot good arch kids boots


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