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Pigeon toe corrective sandals for girls with high arches

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Aora Pink

  • SKU: 13-457895212
  • Tags:  pigeon toe shoes for kidsclosed back tall sandals

    Pigeon toe best supportive sandals for kids
    Wide width high instep best kids toe sandals with arches.
    Toe in correction pigeon toe best leather natural sandals for a child.
    Corrective closed toe sandals for toe walking for a toddler with deformed feet and weak ankles.
    Pink leather with hint of pink metallic leather best toe sandals.
    High instep best toe sandals for child.
    Superb leather used so no smell feet ever.
    Best walking soles for a child, soft and profiled.
    Best orthopedic sandals footwear for a child.
    Close back for heel support best for ankle pronation and covered toe front for active kids.
    The best for summer wear and corrective for pigeon toe in toddlers.
    Pigeon toe form when child is wearing cheap sandals made in China with zero support in them.
    Over time ankles begun to turn inwards and pigeon toe develops due to shoes with zero support.
    Pigeon toe will not disappear and child will not outgrown the condition
    Good shoes with ankle support, orthopedic arch will correct the condition over time.
    It is not normal that child has pigeon toe, it is cause by cheap shoes oversized that are sold locally in any department store in USA,
    Only European orthopedic shoes are pigeon toe preventive.

    Please Note: this style runs big so order size smaller.
    The soles on those sandals run big so store clients bought one size smaller. 

    Wide width high instep baby shoes

    Corrective walking for a toddler sandals


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