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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Saber Brown

Pigeon toe corrective blue sneakers for boys

Pigeon toe fix corrective best kids sneakers
Perfect boys sneakers with good ankle support
Orthopedic arches present in a soles with antibacterial soles.
Flat feet best ankle supportive kids sneakers.
Black leather with brown nose and perfect shoe for winter.
Fully adjust on child's foot, best for regural to narrow feet and even wide feet since velcros in them are long.
Proper ortho style - has it all arches, profiled soles and best leather used.
Type of sneaker that every child should wear as they form their feet posture and body form.
We described that in detail in our blog below this page.
Those are sneakers with reinforced ankle support and they are not soft they have to have a heel support.
They will support and align child's feet, posture and body gait since shoes affect child's feet and posture greatly.
Every doctor in Europe will tell you that since we view kids shoes as foot forming product - medical product.

Closed back orthopedic best kids sneakers

Ankle correction best boys sneakers


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