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Pigeon toe preventive support shoes for kids

Pigeon toe preventive support shoes for kids
Closed sturdy back with ankle support
The shoes are not soft in the back since they need ankle support when walking
That feature aligns kids feet and gives proper heel support.
Pigeon toes begun to diminish and restore kids feet.
Only European shoes for kids are orthopedic and supportive
Accept no copies since they would further deform your kids feet.
Kids feet are formed by shoes they wear so make sure child wears only best shoes at all times.
Arch support is built into the sole of the model since no flat shoes in Europe is ever produced.
Arch is basically molded into the sole of the shoe since all the shoes in Europe are manufactured same way since 1990.
There is 4 companies in Europe that manufacture all the soles for all brands in Europe.
Soles does not come from China or India - but Europe since they have to be orthopedic for all the shoes produced.
Only constant wear of supportive shoes will restore your kids feet.
If you rotate them with junk shoes from China you never see any improvement.
Shoes from China destroy and deform your kids feet - nothing else.
There is no single brand on the market in USA that is any good since all are made in China.
Original. European made shoes are effective and supportive in forming and supporting kids feet.

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