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Pigeon toed feet red leather correction shoes for a child

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    Pigeon toed feet correction shoes for a child
    Proper supportive with reinforced heel and good ankle support.
    Quality red ankle boots for baby boy or girl straight from Europe.
    Made in France out of best quality leather.
    Red leather with a hint of brown leather.
    Close with laces.
    Arches present added to the sole of the model
    No flat shoes ever produced in  Europe by any factory.
    Orthopedic with best support for every child.
    Proper orthopedic support that will assure proper growth and foot development.
    Feet will not sweat or get any feet smell in those shoes.
    Totally waterproof style perfect for Fall/Winter or Spring season.

    Corrective medical leather ankle shoes for boys

    Excellent orthopedic arch support shoes for kids


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