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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Sputnik Gray

Pigeon toed house shoes for a boy

Pigeon toed house shoes for a boy
European made slippers/canvas shoe for baby boy.
Proper ortho house shoes for a boy, suggested by every pediatrician in Europe.
Millions of kids grew up on those house shoes in Europe since their creation in 1980.
Made out of gray canvas material featuring a truck.
Side clip for easy open and close and they are designed to stabilize kids feet and decrease pigeon toes.
Will not sweat in them ever.
Good anti sweat soles in those slippers.
Heel is supported at all times, rubber sole holds the foot in a place.
Over time they will align kids feet due to special soles and prevent pigeon toes.
Notice ankle is supported at all times, since the sole is overlapping on the heel
That technology alone is stabilizing kids feet and posture and prevents pigeon toes.
Arches are added to the sole of the model that alone provides optimal support.
Did you know that pigeon toes in kids are caused by not wearing correct supportive shoes?
Shoes from China are the worst and causing your child to develop pigeon toes since they offer no orthopedic support that every child does need.

Soft new walking slippers for a a baby boy

Orthopedic house shoes for child


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