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Pigeon toed knocked kneed blue house shoes

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Kratka Blue

  • SKU: 77-7745
  • Tags:  pigeon toe shoes for kids

    Pigeon toed knocked kneed house shoes.
    High arch orthopedic child's shoes with flat feet
    Heel support best house shoes for collapsing ankles
    Blue plead canvas material.
    Ultra comfy house shoes for your baby
    Will correct pigeon toes with time as it has all the makings of ortho house shoes
    Arches, elevated sturdy heel, good soles
    Designed by ortho doctor over 30 years ago still remains favorite of every child in Europe.
    Perfect addition to good leather shoes for a child
    Remember shoes shape kids feet so good quality ones are needed at all times
    Cheap shoes destroy kids feet - every pediatrician in Europe will tell you that

    Slippers for a child with good arches

    Heel support best house shoes for collapsing ankles


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