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Pigeon toed treatment shoes for kids

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  • Pigeon toed treatment shoes for kids
    Soft brown loafers for a boy with great support made in Spain.
    Made out of brown leather, velcro close.
    Good arch soft profiled soles and none sweat soles as well
    Well fitted little shoe for a new walker.
    Comes from Spain for children with best arches.
    Foot forming best baby shoes proper shoes for a child with weak ankles and pigeon toes deformity.
    Child can avoid all orthopedic problems with quality shoes as those, shoes are important for kids and they form their feet and posture.
    We call them orthopedic shoes in Europe since they form kids feet and posture properly.
    Avoid low quality shoes shoes in made out of cheap leather, no arch support, no heel support so over time they cause pigeon toes and ankle pronation.
    Shaping feet is a process so either child wears good shoes at all times and end up with well formed feet or wears cheap none supportive shoes and ends up with deformed feet.

    Soft brown loafers for a boy with great support made in Spain

    Brown casual shoes for a child with support


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    Viki from Hinsdale 2012-08-16 22:53:24

    Cuuuuuuttttteee! Adorable, soft little walkers for little man. We had them in gray last year and they were wonderful shoes for daily wear. Kinga - we really love your store in Hinsdale, I hope you know that! You have the best shopping sense as retailer since you exactly know what local moms like and appreciate. We will keep you in business for another 10 years! Your loyal customer Viki from Hinsdale

    Zeni D from So Cal. 2012-03-02 23:27:31

    Handsome shoes or a little boy. I liked them instantly on my son. They are flexible and well made little shoes. They look like adult shoes but in a smaller version. I like it a lot.