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Pink metallic leather sneakers for toddler
Shoes to correct pigeon toe for toddlers
Weak ankles
best leather shoes for kids
Peach and pink combination, lovely.
Metallic pink/peach/fuchsia/pink shinny leather.
Arches in the soles of the sneakers.

Will not sweat in those shoes ever.
Best leather used on those shoes.
Ok to wear with no socks,
Absolute best sneakers for any season
Quality with best orthopedic arches, ankle support for proper foot formation in kids.

Weak ankles best leather shoes for kids

Perfect casual sneaker for any season


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Tammy, Vernon Hills 2016-03-15 18:56:53

Very nice sneakers, nice leather and good support. Bopy has arch build into the sole and you can feel it with your hand. Had many of that brand since my daughter has narrow feet and they fit great. Got them and pair of sandals for my child in Hinsdale last Saturday. I drive to Hinsdale every 6 months since this is by far best store for kids with truly orthopedic shoes. They used to were in Glenview and no more, although all the boutiques left that plaza. I wonder why that is....too bad now I have to drive to try them on.