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Pink tall snow boots for toddlers
Adorable and very light snow boots for your girl for walking in a deep snow.
Walking orthopedic boots for girls with gortex and wool.
Top quality tall snow boots for a girl that you can buy.
Light in weight, waterproof and snow proof for a toddler child.

Child cannot walk in tall heavy rubber boots like Soreel or Bugs for example.
They are too heavy no orthopedic arches and over time they will cause kids feet to turn inwards and pigeon toes will develop.
Child's gait will be affected as well.
Another example are UGS - another Chinese garbage innovation.
Even original UGS from Australia are not orthopedic, no heel support for a toddler.
Even they are tall they do not support toddlers feet.
Those UGS tall boots have no heel support and sole is oversized.
That causes ankle pronation in kids and pigeon toes will develop.
Remember even snow boots for a child have to be proper and othopedic.
If they are cheap you cause more damage to kids feet then you can even imagine.
Think of kids shoes as developmental need for their body and posture not fashion and outfit matching.

Walking orthopedic boots for girls with wool.

Very light snow boots for your girl for walking in a deep snow


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Sierra, NH 2015-10-08 14:04:23

Love that boot, warm, insulated with real wool. Has support in a heel plus arch support build into the innersole of the boot. It is warm and nicely made. Cannot compare them to UGS, they are garbage compare to those boots. Ugs are not orthopedic and they deform kids feet. I was told that by my orthopedic doctor. He is Serbian and Europeans know their shoes and what they exactly make. Only in America we put garbage shoes on kids, never seen that in Europe. Thank you for the boots, arrived fast and we will enjoy them this Winter.