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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Gali Rose

Podiatric sandals toddler girls

Pediatric sandals toddler girls
French made rose metallic leather with tiny leaf print
Narrow to regural feet child since in France children have narrow feet and they are measured accordingly.
Great style and pattern on them - you will love them as they neutral and match about anything.
Closed toe style with reinforced heel for a child.
No collapsed ankles or flat feet in them.
Proper orthopedic best sandals for a child.
Soft padded back and stripes so they never not comfortable for a child.
They also never cause any blisters for kids in any weather.
Inside of those sandals is fished to perfection, so the straps will not cause any discomfort.
We ordered that model for 12 years and they always best sellers for us.
Best ortho sandals from France for small baby.
European made sandals are only orthopedic
Absolute must for small growing feet.

Stylish baby girl sandals straight from Europe

Silver sandals for kids with arches


Sandra D from NY - 26/03/2020

Those are one quality sandals for a child. I just bought them for an Easter outfit but my daughter requests to wear them everyday. They comfortable, well made with great arch support and flexible as they should be. I bought many shoes over the years from this store and I never was disappointed with quality.

Denisde C. Rhode Island - 23/07/2019

First walkers for my baby girl! Those are adorable - my Godness there is no way you can find such quality shoes locally. All the shoes for kids in Nordstroom, Stride Rite and other major chain stores are ugly, cheap looking and all Chinese made. I don't mind paying for quality since little feet really need the support. I am Italian origin and my mother always instructs me to buy only quality shoes for my daughter. No cheap shoes in our house!

Melisa D. - 02/04/2019

Silver, dressy and cute! Love them! Well made French sandals, color is great and they match anything.

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