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Podiatric sneakers for kids from Italy
Proper sneakers for kids with actual arch support
Pronation preventive with sturdy supportive heel.
Foot forming
best for children of all ages.
This is a type of sneaker that every child should wear.
They offer it all.
, support and none sweat soles
Could be worn with no socks due to special soles.
Child will never sweat in them or have smelly feet.
Try them you will be amazed with quality.
Europeans never buy cheap none supportive sneakers for their children
Nike, New Balance, Keens pretty much any sneaker made in China that is sold widely in USA are not orthopedic
They will deform kids feet and cause orthopedic problems in the future.
Reason for it is that they are not measured well and not manufactured with use of best leathers and proper fit.
European shoes are the only properly fitted for kids and have all the ortho features that children do need
So avoid cheap shoes in general.
Children only need two pairs of good shoes for entire season which is 6 months.

Good arch sneakers for kids

Flat foot best running shoes forkids


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Viera South Cali 2016-07-14 23:36:08

100 stars or better on those. My son wears them with no socks daily in hot weather and no sweat feet. He likes them so much that he ignores other shoes he has. I will buy another one in other color. Thanks,