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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Polinezja Black

Posture corrective black shoes for kids with high arches

Posture corrective shoes for kids with high arches
Orthopedic school or dress shoes for girls
Very durable to wear to school and they will last entire season easily.
They do not scuff either since leather is processed so well.
Black patent leather and decorated with small bow.
They offer it all what orthopedic shoes should offer
Good arch, heel support and none sweat soles for kids
Proper foot forming shoes for a child with actual support.
In Europe kids wear only best shoes and they end up with perfectly formed feet
No orthodics, no feet problems no doctors visits.
Invest in good shoes for your child since it is worth it for proper foot development.
Quality shoes for a child as they should be since kids feet are formed by the shoes they wear.
That is why invest in best shoes for your child from young to teen years.
Shoes impact kids feet, posture, back, knees, and whole body gait.
Just imagine if feet are deformed - pigeon toed, pronated how would they affect their posture in a long run.
Pain will develop in feet, knees, back and shoulders with time and that stays permanent through adulthood.
The only time kids feet are forming when they are growing and their feet growing till they are 14 years old.

Orthopedic dress shoes for girls

Black leather patent shoes for dress up girls


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