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  • Posture shoes for kids with high arches
  • Proper supportive, corrective and orthopedic
  • Type of a shoe that every child should wear as shoes form kids feet.
  • Europeans put only quality shoes on their kids feet to avoid all orthopedic problems.
  • Those shoes also work to fix all orthopedic problems child might experience from cheap shoes. 
  • Did you know that 99% of all children orthopedic conditions are caused by low quality shoes with no support?
  • All imported shoes from low cost countries does not offer proper support for kids feet 
  • As a result over time parent notices that child walks inwards, pronated with deformed feet. 
  • Those are clear effect of cheap shoes for kids. 
  • Imagine that no one measures the soles in China, no quality leather is used, no othopedic support present, no heel support. 
  • Child wears those cheap shoes and ends up with foot deformities.
  • That is why invest in good shoes for your child, it will save his feet and posture.
  • When kids bodies are growing and forming so their feet.
  • If feet are not supported with good shoes then child will end up with orthopedic problems.

European leather shoes with arches

European made leather sneakers perfect for a girl or boy


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