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Girls silver leather prada ortho sneakers

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Brands Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Clearance

  • SKU: 112-4567989
  • Prada sneakers for kids
    Silver leather fun decorated with hearts
    Made in Spain for kids

    Orthopedic kids sneakers with arches and heel support.

    Good arches are present leather and proper foot support.
    Orto sneakers for a girl cute best for foot alignment
    Will not sweat when wearing with no socks.
    Closes with a side zipper laces optional
    Good sneaker for a girl with actual ortho support.
    Type of a sneaker with actual orthopedic arches and foot forming features.
    Feet are formed by shoes children wear so it is important that they are good quality at all times

    High instep best quality sport shoes for kids

    High instep best quality sport shoes for kids


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    Miriam, Westmont IL 2016-09-19 13:56:59

    Just got them in Hinsdale and they nice sneakers. The zip on the side is easy to open and close. Leather support inside, very nice shoes with sturdy back and profiled soles. I have been buying my daughter shoes since she was a baby and her feet are normal. No pronation, no pigeon toes, no flat feet...just perfect. Shoes do form kids feet and that is a fact, I have seen it on my daughter. At first I did not believe since how could they? However, when you see how child walks, feet do not smell, support is there and over time those shoes did the job. I sometimes see kids in a park all pigeon toed, ankles through the floor...My God what are we doing to those children???? Lack of information and education to say the least.