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Prewalkers for a Baby Learning to Walk | Soft Soles Leather Shoes

Prewalkers for a baby infants learning to walk
Orthopedic shoes for infants
Adorable little walkers, lovely simple design.
Rose color leather pre walkers for a small baby taking
first steps.
Adorable supportive with
flex sole and decorated with a silver heart.
Best new walking baby shoes for a small baby that is
learning to stand and take first steps.
Made in France out of soft leather for baby.
Good arch and special none sweat soles present.
Great ankle support to prevent pronation and pigeon toe walking.
Arch support is added to the sole of the model since all the shoes are made like that in Europe.
Sole feature arch support and they are molded to support baby's foot.
Soles are none sweat, antibacterial since children feet sweat more then adults.
Infant will never sweat in those little walking shoes.
They are easy on and off with a velcro closure.
Soft yet supportive for those first
baby steps.
Pre walkers baby shoes are very important for kids posture and healthy foot development.
They form kids feet, ankles, joins, body gait and assure healthy
spine development.
Avoid low cost shoes from China as they destroying and deforming kids feet and posture.
When baby is ankle pronated and pigeon toe it is caused by wearing low quality shoes as a child.
Their little feet get deformed and destroyed due to lack of orthopedic support.
When you see child with
collapsed ankles and pigeon toe that is a cause of wearing shoes with zero support.
All the common shoes sold on the USA market like Crocks, Strite Rite, Keens, Converse, Bugs, Tukikoshi, UGS and other garbage shoes from China will deform kids feet over time.
The deformation is gradual and comes over time and you eventually notice that for sure.
That is why it is important to start them with best supportive shoes that will develop and support their feet correctly over time.
Investing in good shoes is worth it since person uses her/his feet entire life.
Don't think of shoes as shoes and that child outgrows them in instant.
fitted shoes last a child for good 4-5 months and it is best to buy 2 pairs of good shoes versus closet of cheap shoes that destroy kids feet.
You can avoid all orthopedic problems with quality pre walkers shoes for a child from the start.
Good supportive pre walkers are the
therapy for kids feet.
There is no physical therapy of any kind for feet - good European shoes are!
Only orthopedic shoes come from Europe and they are the only orthopedic ones.

Rose color pre walkers for a small baby taking first steps

Flex sole and decorated with a silver heart


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