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Pronation fix best house shoes toddler

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      Pronation best house shoes toddler
      Ankle is supported well when child is walking and standing
      They are not soft at the heel of the slipper
      That heel prevents ankle pronation in kids keeping it straight at all times.
      Best ortho house shoes that you can buy for a child
      Designer in Europe and manufactured in Europe
      Invented by orthopedic doctor and improved over the years.
      Soles never sweat - child can wear them with or without any socks.
      Arches added to the sole of the model.
      Canvas is a breathable material that will never sweat but keep feet cool and protected.
      Millions of kids wear them in day cares and in the house.
      In Europe child runs barefoot on the sand if on the beach but in the house kids wear those slippers at all times.
      If child is running on flat surfaces like wooden floors, tiles or carper how is the little foot supported then?
      It is those slippers were developed back in 1980.
      Studies were done in Europe as to barefoot and all doctors agree - on the sand since it contours to feet but flat surface does not.
      Those slippers work great and support toddlers feet well and it is next best thing to leather high tops.
      They are not restrictive in any way for child to run, walk and play.
      Kids even take naps in them in Europe.

      Good arch house shoes for a child learning to walk

      Podiatrist recommended house shoes


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      Anna 2016-06-01 21:46:29

      Superior quality for wide son loves them.