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Pronation best kids sneakers from Europe

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Delta Rose

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  • Pronation best kids sneakers from Europe
    Even they appear to be low at the heel they keep ankles straight and aligned.
    There is reinforced ankle support added to those cute sneakers.
    Therefore baby's ankles are aligned and stable so they will not pronate.
    Orthopedic arches are added to the soles of the shoes like all shoes in Europe now,
    Sole is contoured to support baby's foot since rubber never goes flat and supports foot perfectly.
    They are all leather inside and out.
    Baby can wear them in the Summer in crazy heat with no socks and feet will not smell in them.
    Quite opposite they will cool the feet down due to special innersoles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Type of a sneaker that we wear in Europe
    Has all the makings of ortho sneakers but they cool looking.
    Orthopedic shoes for us in Europe mean foot forming shoes.
    Meaning they have all the makings of supportive shoe for a child.
    Those are made in France out of quality leather since we only place the best shoes for kids
    So their feet will form correctly and there will be no orthopedic problems.

    Right ankle turning inwards corrective shoes

    Sneakers for girls with arch support


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