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Purple leather designer ortho shoes for children
Original designer style from Italy
Not only beautiful but also functional and orthopedic
Profiled soles, great ortho support and proper foot support present
Made out of purple patent leather and decorated with flowers.
If you searching for absolute best shoes that will be it for girls
Designer brand Pink Apple manufactured in Italy.
Known designer brand in Europe.
Perfect fall shoes for a toddler.

Best shoes for preschoolers feet

Patent leather shoes for kids with arches


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Nancy D from NH 2012-07-22 19:41:03

This shoe is like work of art. It has hand stitched flower and heart decorations. Wonderful style with excellent arch support and flexibility. I got them for a Fall for my child. She walks in them very well. The shoes look low in a back but they not, they cover the entire heel so they are perfect for a baby. Thank you for great service and all your help. You are wonderful company to deal with. I will be back for snow boots for sure.