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Purple leather shoes for kids with good support

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Product Code: Balia Lavender

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  • Purple leather high tops for girls
    Great appropriate shoes for girls with actual support.
    Good stable sturdy ankle support, arch added to the sole of the model.
    None sweat soles present inside since kids feet sweat more then adults.
    Soft flexible rubber soles stable for walking high tops and running.
    European made out of top quality leather for a new walking toddler.
    Orthopedic best girls sandals with appropriate support that you can buy.
    Sandals as those are important for a child as they form and support their feet and posture.
    They give stability to a toddler and correctly form little feet and posture.
    No low grade lever girls sandals is ever manufactured in Europe.
    The reason for that is girls sandals for children are viewed as developmental, medical need for a child.
    Thus all the girls shoes needs to be quality and orthopedic.
    Footwear for kids is regulated by European Ministry of Health so only quality shoes with support are available on the market in Europe.
    Shoes for kids are not just girls shoes - they have to be orthopedic and supportive so their feet will develop properly.
    If baby wears cheap shoes their feet will collapse and child will endure orthopedic problems.
    Avoid cheap girls shoes at all cost.
    If no support present no arch, no ankle support no soft soles, no orthopedic then not suitable for your child.
    They causing more orthopedic problems then you can even imagine.
    Children with pigeon toe, ankle pronation conditions are caused by wearing none supportive shoes as a child.
    Only shoes made in Europe, original ones are orthopedic.

    Purple ankle high top shoes for babies

    Purple leather high top toddler shoes


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    C.K 2016-07-15 00:08:03

    Those shoes are lovely and support inside is fantastic! will order again for sure. Thanks for sizing help..fitted right out of the box.

    Niki 2016-01-23 12:08:38

    Truly orthopedic sandals for a child. I got them in Hinsdale yesterday for our vacation (and to wear them later). I see a difference in her walk (no more tripping) plus they support her ankles well. She begun to turn her feet inwards and I was told to buy quality shoes for her. I had no clue shoes are that important for children. She used to wore Crocks, Nike, Stride Rite and Keens her feet got deformed due those shoes. She never wore anything else. She is so terribly pigeon toed now and her ankles collapsing. She was not born with feet like that, her feet were fine. I know for a fact that the shoes she wore caused her feet to turn out like that. My God what are we buying in this country? Those people are experts in supportive shoes for children and can explain you what had happened and what type of shoes your child needs for each age group. My friend sent me to that place since she buys shoes only from them and I see now why she spends all the money for those shoes.