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Quality ankle high top boots for a boy

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Seba Brown

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  • Soft leather used in brown and blue waterproof ankle boots for a boy.
    Brown suede leather with blue patches and small blue start on the sides.
    Flat foot best with good ankle and orthopedic support present. 
    Profiled orthopedic soles as they needed for children.
    Soft leather high tops with proper ankle alignment that are needed for every child not just those with feet problems.
    Wide and high instep best since they have wide toe box.
    Perfect fashion boot for any child that could be worn in an season.
    Those shoes are best for walking, ankle support with proper orthopedic arches for a child.
    Child will be comfortable walking, standing, jumping in those super boots.
    They will align and support kids feet as shoes affect child tremendously.
    They are best for walking, ankle support and proper foot alignment that every 10 month old need.
    Well fitted little shoe for daily wear.
    Foot forming best baby shoes proper shoes for a child with weak ankles and pigeon toes deformity.
    Child can avoid all orthopedic problems with quality shoes as those, shoes are important for kids and they form their feet and posture.
    We call them orthopedic shoes in Europe since they form kids feet and posture properly.
    Avoid low quality shoes shoes in made out of cheap leather, no arch support, no heel support so over time they cause pigeon toes and ankle pronation.
    Shaping feet is a process so either child wears good shoes at all times and end up with well formed feet or wears cheap none supportive shoes and ends up with deformed feet.

    Brown waterproof boots for a boy

    Supportive ankle boys boots


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