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Quality baby shoes with high arches

Quality baby shoes with high arches
Footwear in Europe is controlled by European Ministry of Health.
Shoes for kids sold in Europe have to be supportive as they form and support kids growing feet.
None of the European countries has any business of orthodics like in USA.
Medicine is not for profit thus good shoes being developmental tool and prove to support and form kids feet need to be orthopedic.
Kids wearing those shoes in Europe end up with well formed feet and posture.
Those high tops are no exception.
Made out of brown leopard cow hair leather.
Proper arches and ankle support.
Stay away from cheap shoes in general since in USA none of the sold shoes are orthopedic.
They destroy and deform kids feet
Once destroyed then orthodics from doctor are sold.
Orthodics never restore kids foot to healthy condition, only shoes can. Good ones as those.

Flat foot best ankle support high tops for kids

Brown leather high arch shoes for toddler


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