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Quality snow boots for a boy with heel support

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  • Quality boots for a boy with heel support
    European snow boots for kids with wool inside
    Black/gray lamb leather with blue accent.
    Lined with gortex and wool mix.
    Waterproof and snow proof for kids.
    Arches present, ortho support best.
    Perfect snow boots for a child with weak ankles and pronated feet.
    Feet will never sweat in them or be uncomfortable.
    Could be worn in a school as well since wool is a natural material and will never sweat in them.

    European snow boots for kids with wool inside

    Snow boots for kids with high arches


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    Sheena - Manhattan NY 2013-11-13 15:55:30

    Just tested them in a first snow here in NY and despite my son running into every wet puddle his feet were dry when we came home. The boots are light, flexible and not bulky as they appear on the picture. I like the fact that inside they lined with real wool like original UGS (not Chinese ones that every store sells these days in USA) but they are far better then any UGS. Those are orthopedic supportive boots for a child with a proper heel support so his feet won't be collapsing while worn. This was my 6th order from that store and every pair that I got was great. I always buy "unknown" brand they offer and is is always fabulous and well made. I have no clue where they do their buying but they truly sell quality and I can confirm that. My son is 4 years old so I am sure in a future there will me more orders coming their way.

    Delphine - Hartford,CT 2012-12-12 12:51:35

    I just received those boots and I wanted to comment on them right away.Quality all the way - you can't go wrong with those they are flexible, well made and plainly pretty style for a boy. That wool inside is a real lamb (something you do not see in many snow boots - the lining is usually fake or cold Gortex). I am a loyal customer of that store since every pair I ever received was top notch quality. I am English myslef and I can easily tell if the shoe is European made and quality. Shoes for kids or adults cost money in Europe but in return you expect to receive and pay for quality. This store delivers quality constantly so I will continue to make purchases from them.

    Rosa - NC, USA 2012-11-19 23:50:01

    GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! I am so pleased with those boots - quality, style and durability all the way. We already tested them in a deep snow and they passed with flying colors. Thanks,

    Alexa - Portland, OR 2012-11-04 14:06:36

    100 stars! Great, fashionable and very flexible boots! I absolutely love them. My son put them on and he says they are very comfy and he will wear them now. I got them size bigger as suggested since the wool inside is really thick and very nice to the touch. In my opinion totally worth the money. I usually buy one, two pairs from that store a season and those shoes last entire wear time. Later I we pass them to our little cousin and he wears them without any problems. My son's feet are nicely developed and he does not walk inwards, his ankles are straight and posture well supported. This is due to quality shoes he always had. When I see in school how some kids walk, I literally want to scream! It is so simple - spent more money on the quality shoes and less, less on the clothes for a child. Good feet, posture is far more important for development of the kid then nice outfits. This is my few cents......

    Denise from Ontario 2012-08-13 19:12:46

    I got those boots now, so I got them size bigger. They are super nice quality boots. Flexible, soft, great leather and they are in fact natural wool lined inside. Warm as they can be. My son did not wanted to take them off, he wanted to wear them now. Well, that says something. I bought many shoes from that store and they always have been fantastic. Never owned that brand or heard of it but judging from reputation of that store they will be superior quality - I am sure of it.