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Quality teen girls silver leather shoes on sale

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  • Quality teen girls shoes on sale
    Slip on shoes for teen girls with support.
    Made out of silver metallic leather.
    Stay on thanks to expandable rubber filled with stones.
    Good arches, proper ankle support foot forming best shoes for older girl.
    Kids feet grow till 15 years of age so even at that age good shoes are needed.
    They form their feet, posture, body gait.
    So imagine if girl has pigeon toes or ankle pronation.
    Not only that is not attractive when she is walking but it affects the whole body.
    That is why in Europe we never, ever buy cheap shoes - there is none matter of fact.
    Good orthopedic shoes only with proper support and we end up with well formed feet and posture

    Slip on shoes for teen girls with support.

    Silver slip on shoes for teen girl


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    Mary D from Bronx,NY 2012-04-20 01:13:45

    Cute for a grown-up girl! My daughter likes them a lot. Great fit and silver - they go with every outfit she wears. It is so hard to find cute shoes for older girl. No heels - she is 8 - not a grown-up woman yet. Very happy with those and quick delivery.