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Regural width baby quality shoes from Poland

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Product Code: Lanzik Gray

  • SKU: 45789652
  • Regural width baby shoes from Poland
    Flat foot best support baby shoes.
    Best ortho shoes that you can buy for a toddler.
    Profiled soles, good arches and best ankle support present.
    Gray/light blue leather.
    Perfect cross between a sandal or summer shoe.
    Baby can wear the with no socks in the summer.
    Feet will never sweat in those shoes ever due to special soles.
    They absorb sweat and smell from little feet.
    Kids feet sweat more then grown ups so those kind of soles are needed.
    Perfect foot forming shoes for a child.

    Flat foot best support baby shoes.

    Soft shoes for new walking toddler with arches


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    Mark 2014-04-18 17:54:08

    The colors on that little shoe are beautiful! However, the whole charm is in a softness, quality and arch support here.....boy arches like inflated beach balls! Now, that is what I call arch support. Anyway, my baby wears them everyday and they are great - my wife was pleased with them,

    Kendra - J.D. mom 2014-03-13 22:55:02

    ADORABLE! Perfect sandals for a little guy who needs good support. It was my first order and I am so pleased with those shoes. Thank you for measuring the soles for me..size fitted well out of the box with some growing room. Width was perfect as well. No exchanges needed. You guys are exceptional and your service is outstanding. The other shoes fit well as those that I am describing so from now on I will only buy shoes from you because it was a true pleasure to deal with you! Kendra M.

    R.J - 2014-03-08 17:28:11

    Expensive but for a reason...arch inside are like pillows! My baby wears them everyday outside and they are his favorite shoes. It was my first order and I kind of hesitated to pay such money for kids shoes but now I know why they cost so much. Superb quality and best arch support. My baby's feet begun to turn and I wanted good shoes for him. They turned out to be really great and I saw huge improvement in his walking. No more tripping, turning and over period of 2 months his right foot begun to line up. Those shoes do wonders for kids feet and they are worth the money. I just bought a sandal with a closed toe for him from that site and I am sure they will be as good as those little gray shoes. You have me as a client for many, many years...Rani