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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Samolot Gray

Slippers for kids best for right foot turning in

Right foot turning in best house shoes for kids
Corrective orthopedic slippers for a toddler with weak ankles

Quality canvas shoes for a new walkers with best support.

Gray canvas material featuring a plane.
Side clip close, easy to adjust child's ankle support preventive for foot turning.
That clip is designed to stabilize the foot, hold the ankles and prevent feet turning inwards.
None sweat soles and great arches present.
Designed and manufactured in Europe with high ortho standards.
They will properly develop your toddlers feet, every baby in Europe wears them since they prevent and restore foot turning inwards.
They are great addition to leather high top that child should wear with rotation of those foot turning slippers.
They perform same function as leather shoe but they meant to be worn indoors or outside in the Summer.
Those little walkers are best for ankle support, foot turning inwards prevention and alignment.

Ortho house shoes for baby boy

Canvas shoes preventive to turning feet inwards


Lena - Franklin Lakes - 14/07/2021

Excellent arch support in those and flexibility. They are perfect for a small child who learns how to take first steps. They have excellent leather support inside yet they are made out of canvas for comfort. I also bought a pair of sandals for my little one and they are superior. I am glad that I found this store since I can't find such quality shoes anywhere in NJ. America sells horrible, Chinese low quality shoes for kids and adults. The only difference is kids feet are getting deformed for life by cheap shoes. I am glad I found this store, I will be buying shoes from you until my son grows up. Thank you for offering such quality.

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