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Rose leather baby leather sandals

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Manufacturer Falcotto

Product Code: Didi Rose

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  • Rose color leather baby sandals
    High arch sandals for kids with weak ankles.
    Rose patent leather with small flower print.
    Easy on and off style with double velcros.
    Being high in the back child will have proper ankle support
    Over time of wearing such high tops feet will improve and begun to line up.
    Just do not rotate them with cheap shoes that are all made in China sold locally.
    The reason is whatever quality shoe aligns the ankles, cheap one destroys the line up
    Thus you never seen any difference nor improvement.
    That is why in Europe we never put low quality sandals or shoes on our kids.
    European children wear proper shoes at all times since feet are affected by shoes they wear.
    No child is pigeon toed nor pronated in Europe - it is not a birth defect in any way.
    The cause of pigeon toe are shoes from China manufactured  with zero support with zero orthopedic arch
    NO child is born with pigeon toes it is developed condition that will not go away as the child grows.
    Quite opposite it progresses non stop to the point that toddler will trip and fall on their own feet.
    Doctors in USA tell that to parents - "Don't worry they outgrow the condition" - no they will not - it will gets worst without proper shoes.
    Child will grow up pigeon toed and stay as an adult pigeon toed.

    Ankle high tops for girls

    Quality shoes for kids best for arches and foot support


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