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Sandals for baby made with natural leather
Ankle high supination corrective toddler shoes.
Good arches none sweat soles for toddlers
Perfect to wear entire summer for a child.
No blisters
no smelly feet best to wear even in hottest weather.
Proper shoes
for a young baby learning to walk, stand and take first steps.
Every baby in Europe starts with alike shoes.
They support their feet, joins and ankles.
Wearing such proper shoes assures child's well formed feet and best posture.
Shoes are very important for kids as they form and shape their feet.
If your baby is wearing cheap shoes with no support it is guaranteed they develop orthopedic problems.
Ankles will collapse, pigeon toes will develop and they will toeing in.
It is all cause of garbage shoes that are imported from China.
They are not suitable for child to use, every European pediatrician and foot doctor will confirm that.
European parents never, ever buy cheap shoes for their kids since they know that they form their feet and posture.
Only 2 pairs of good high tops shoes are needed for season for rotation.
Season meaning 6 months.

Ortho high tops baby shoes in gold leather

Corrective for a new walker with weak ankles and flat feet


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Paula from Colorado 2017-08-26 16:55:15

Very fast shipping and they arrived quickly. Size was great based on the measurements you guys did for me. No exchange needed. Very happy with those. Cute and well made, supportive for a child.

Liliana - Memphis,US 2017-07-15 15:25:54

Absolutely no complains, great shoes and fast shipping. You are my favorite shoes store to shop for all my kids shoes.

Irina D from NJ 2017-07-15 00:53:49

SIMPLY GREAT! Lovely gold and matches anything, Great support. Had silver ones last year and my baby wore them to death literally.